Artyom Bologov's Projects

By Artyom Bologov

Given my restless/bipolar nature, I'm starting lots of projects—all just to abandon them half a week after. Still, some of them are/were quite fun:

Brainfuck Enterprise Solutions

BES is the company I'm a proud CEO of. Its products (all written in Brainfuck) include:
a minimalist OS with a shell, file system, and a script engine.
somewhat opinionated UNIX ed reimplementation.
Turing-complete Brainfuck meta-interpreter.
a solid fully embeddable string manipulation library.
guidelines for clear and readable code docs.
style guidelines for medium-to-huge BF codebases.
optimizing compiler from Brainfuck to Lisp, just for the purpose of bootstrapping BF Enterprise Solutions' products.
another shot at Brainfuck implementation, this time interpreted and heavily regex-based.

Atlas Engineer & Nyxt Work

Projects made as part of Nyxt browser work and abstracted from its code.

History Tree
my Bachelor of Arts thesis idea of a browser-global history tree.
convenience library (not a parser!) for JSON indexing, validation, and discovery.
symbol listing and binding inspection library.
custom (GUI too) debugger toolkit for CL.
And Nyxt itself!
Lots of things: WebKitGTK interfacing, graphical object inspection, UI framework building. Like, REALLY LOTS OF THINGS.

Lisp Libraries and Projects

Several Common Lisp projects and libraries around them. Projects:

Graven Image
Portability library for better CLI/text interaction with the running image.
My polyglot blog engine I wrote about.
Solving Advent of Code 2021 only using Common Lisp loop macro.
A Lispy standard library for Lambda Calculus, making it a practical software environment.

Libraries. These are mainly built around the projects above, but often are chaotic:

My Configs

Configs for everything: